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Our Local Partners

Wherever possible we endeavour to source the best local produce available and provenance is important to us.

La Barbarie Restaurant is proud to be associated with these Guernsey producers or as we like to call them, our "Local Partners".

Some of our Local Partners are small batch or very seasonal suppliers, like David the Cannon Hall grape man, but we hope to add to this list to provide a valuable resource of Guernsey food and drink heros and give them the recognition and support they deserve.

Wallow Farm Charcuterie Guernsey.

Wallow Farm Charcuterie

Wallow Farm is the Channel Islands' only artisan charcuterie producer. They breed and rear their own pigs then butcher and cure all charcuterie on the farm in the heart of rural Guernsey.

Mark and April are passionate about all aspects of small batch, lovingly produced, local, tasty produce. To this end, they offer a selection of unique "farm to table" products which we believe rival the best of their European competition.

Wallow Charcuterie Platter sits perfectly within our menu and our desire to support small local artisan producers.

Fort Grey from Torteval Cheese.

Fenella Maddison's Torteval Cheese

Torteval Cheese started trading in 2008 using the milk from our famous Golden Guernsey Cows.

Fenella crafts beautiful blue and white cheeses in her small but perfectly formed cheese room at her home in Torteval.

La Barbarie has supported Torteval Cheese from the beginning and our cheese boards will always feature local cheese, Fort Grey being a firm favourite when available.

Rocquettes Cider.

Rocquette Cider

Since the 16th Century the Channel Islands have been well known for their superior quality cider due to the unique heritage and climate. In 1998 the Meller family set about establishing modern cider orchards and a state-of-the-art production facility to cater for the growing demand in artisan ciders.

Now producing over 200,000 litres per annum and gaining international acclaim the Rocquette Cider brand is firmly on the cider menu! "Our estate style operation means that we maintain control of every stage of the process from growing of our fruit to the production of our cider". James Meller, Managing Director.

La Barbarie is proud to offer the wonderful local award winning Rocquette Cider on draught.

Le Hechet farmhouse ice cream.

Le Hechet Farmhouse Ice Cream

At Le Hechet Farm in Castel Julian and Katherine Ogier farm a herd Golden Guernsey Cows. Looking to diversify and add something extra to the farm they started to look into making Ice Cream, Julian spotted a commercial ice-cream maker in Farmer's Weekly magazine and before he knew it a new family venture had begun.

Katherine, who in a previous lifetime worked with that Andy bloke in a hotel not too far away, had some catering experience and had also run a tea room with Rachel, so it is fitting that Le Hechet Farm Ice Cream is jointly managed by Katherine and her sister Rachel.

They produce 200 litres every week at the farm using Guernsey milk, eggs from Castel Farm Eggs and cream from Guernsey Dairy, a truly Guernsey product through and through. "Often we can pick the fruit my father-in-law, Jim grows so we can make different flavours everything from peach to apricot and even plum ice cream," said Julian.

A Selection of both Le Hechet Farm and Guernsey Dairy ice creams feature on our dessert menu.

Girard's Goats Cheese.

Girard's Guernsey Goats Cheese

Guernsey has no shortage of local artisan food producers and Golden Guernsey goat's cheese is another local cheese made by husband and wife team Mandy and Peter Girard.

Creamy, made from the milk of rare Golden Guernsey goats and one of our best sellers on the current menu is Grilled Guernsey Goats Cheese Salad with Red Onion Marmalade and Sautéed Potatoes.

We are delighted to support Mandy and Peter and if you are walking past Le Douit Beuval, Le Sage St. Pierre Du Bois be sure to look out for the beautiful Guernsey Goldens.

Blue Bottle Artisan Gin.

Blue Bottle Artisan Gin

I asked Matt to describe in one word this wonderful creation. "Blue Bottle is the epitome of boutique distilled gin. Each batch is meticulously crafted in copper stills at the Three Fingers Distillery on Guernsey. Blue Bottle gin has a unique combination of botanicals scrupulously selected to create a delectable treat. Traditional Juniper is there but doesn't dominate. Astute drinkers will appreciate the tropical scent of locally harvested gorse flowers, be cosseted by the sweetness of nutmeg and luxuriate in the spiciness of cubeb pepper."

Okay, I'll do it "Perfect!". Perfect for a pre dinner drink, perfect on the sunny terrace, perfect in the cosy bar. La Barbarie continues to support our inspired local drinks makers. Cheers!

Herm and Guernsey oysters.

Herm and Guernsey Oysters

A truly local Guernsey business, growing and supplying the finest quality oysters.

We are delighted to support Charlotte and Justin who are truly passionate about delivering exceptional service and produce to their customers.

We continue to source our oysters locally and our popular Seafood Extravaganza wouldn't be the same without them.

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